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Dry Cleaning | Helpful Information

The dry cleaning or dry absorbent cleaning method of carpet cleaning is preferred by many people as there is no wait time for the carpet to dry involved.  This method is basically performed in three steps.  Step one involves sprinkling and spreading the absorbent compound, which is in powder form, over the carpet.  The compound contains dried detergents and solvents, which is designed to absorb and dissolve grease and dirt in the carpeting. They may also contain an absorbent carrier, designed to “carry” the dirt away from the carpet fibers, and a very small amount of water. Organic compounds are often added to help dislodge the dirt. A pre-spray with added detergent may be used prior to dry cleaning in very dirty or high traffic areas of the carpet. The absorbent compound is left on the carpet for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Step two is the use of a special buffer machine with two heads on it.  The machine works the powder deep into the carpet with mechanical agitation.  Step three is vacuuming, vacuuming, and vacuuming again.  Any compound left in the carpet can become a dirt magnet, so it is important to remove as much of it as is possible.  If too much powder is used, persons with allergies may suffer from symptoms.  Later steam cleaning or carpet shampooing can also leave a whitish residue if the compound was not thoroughly vacuumed out of the carpet. 

Dry cleaning carpet products can be purchased at the local grocery store, and are convenient carpet refreshers for the home owner.  Typically, they are sprinkled on the carpet, allowed to set for a short period and then vacuumed.  They usually contain odor neutralizers or odor maskers, and can help remove pet odors on a temporary basis.  They should never be applied to wet spots or pet accidents, however, as they will not completely vacuum up, and will leave whitish spots on the carpeting.

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